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What’s Next?

Thanks for all the great comments, questions and participation on the last video. It’s really huge that many of you are taking this first step seriously, and going after this dream. As you can tell, it does take a lot of effort. In this video, I reveal even more the process of becoming a PPL (Private Pilot License).

In this video, we cover the following topics:

  • The “One Thing” we will accomplish in this course (again)

  • A short recap of the last video

  • Finding a Flight School, and what to look for

  • Scheduling a Discovery Flight

  • The Model Student

    • Financial Preparedness

    • Family Talk

    • Medical

    • Written Test

  • The Private Pilot Process

    • Sailing to Solo

    • Cross Country

    • Checkride Preparation

    • The Checkride Day

  • Community Questions on Time & Cost

  • Next Video

Community Comments:

"Is there anything I left out? Do you have follow up questions on the process? Questions about your particular area? Did this video make something clear you didn’t know before? Comment below! "