What You'll Learn Inside

  • Setting a date in the very near future, and a plan to achieve your Instrument Rating by that date. The rest of the guide helps you build a plan for that date. 
  • Get a huge head start on the knowledge it takes to get your Instrument Rating. Learn why starting ground school to begin with will pay huge dividends and save money. 
  • Tuck away the cash needed to get it done. Run through the formula provided inside to get a realistic number on the amount of cash it'll take. 
  • Build time in the most efficient way, with pro-tips that will literally save you thousands of dollars over the course of your instrument training. 
  • Find an instructor that has some real instrument experience, and access to an approved AATD. You'll learn what to look for from the instructor, school and approved simulator.  
  • Acquire a flight simulator for home use that can be used to get unlimited practice on very important instrument procedure practice. No, it's not loggable, but it's incredibly valuable in building solid habits. 
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