Packed with information like:

  • The importance of finding the perfect instructor in your area, and a short list of ways you can make sure they're the right fit. Believe me, you want a good instructor, not a terd. 
  • Debunking medical myths so you qualify for an FAA medical by making sure you find a doctor that will take your case seriously (even if you have a medical history).
  • Tackle some of the tough "time and money" questions to getting your license. How long does it take? How much does it cost? This is only the very start.  
  • How to NOT miss your window of opportunity when it arrives, and some of the challenges that each age bracket will go through (hint, it almost always has to do something with family and career) 
  • Why enrolling in Online Ground School will prepare you tremendously for the start of your training, so you aren't like a fish out of water (or a human off terra firma) during your lessons. 
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