Aviator Leather Patch Hat


Hey, “Cap”tain… with a “cap” from Angle of Attack… This unique hat features our “Aviator” or “Aviatrix” avatar, nestled in the mountains of Alaska, and laser etched on a leather patch. With a variety of colors and options, there’s a color and style for everyone.

These hats leave our shelves quickly, so grab one today.

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Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in
Aviator Gender

Aviator (Male), Aviatrix (Female), Kids (Unisex)


The "Stealth" — Charcoal/Black, The "Go Around Gold" — Heather/Gold, The "Runway" — Heather Gray/Black, The "AOA Orange" — Orange/Charcoal, The "Flight Level" Blue — Cobalt/White, The "CAVOK" Blue — MALE Denim/Gray, The "Cardinal Cessna" — Aviatrix Red Heather/Birch, The "Baroness Blue" — Aviatrix Teal Heather/Birch, The "CAVOK" Blue — Aviatrix Denim/Gray, The Bushwheel Beetle — Bush Green/Gray, "Blue Skies Ahead" — Aviatrix Cobalt/Gray, "Off Airport Mud" — Dark Olive/Chocolate, "Throttle On Orange" — HEATHER GREY/CHARCOAL/DARK ORANGE, "Alaska Blue & Gold" — BISCUIT/TRUE BLUE, "Overcast Layer" — HEATHER GREY/BLACK, "Blackbird" — SOLID BLACK, "B1 Bone" — CHARCOAL/BLACK, "Magenta Line" — NEON PINK/CHARCOAL, "Glacier Girl" — COLUMBIA/KHAKI, "First Flight" — KIDS COLUMBIA/WHITE/CHOCOLATE, "Half Moon Maroon" — AVIATRIX MAROON/HEATHER/CHARCOAL, "I'm With Fish and Game" — TAN/LODEN/BROWN, "Lift & Honor" — STARS/STRIPES/HEATHER, The "Mossy Mama" — OLIVE/BLACK

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