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Our site is chucked full of aviation resources you don’t want to miss. Not only do we offer pilot training in Alaska, we are also specialists in online training. Throughout this website you’ll find a great content. Below is a brief overview of what we offer here at AviatorTraining.


We offer a variety of flight training for aspiring and current pilots. Whether you’re looking to become a pilot and gain your Private Pilot License, or you’re already a pilot and want to learn a bit about flying in Alaska, we can help. If you want to get your ASES (Aircraft Single Engine Sea) Float Rating, we can even hook you up with Dragonfly Aero, a longtime float instruction company.

If you’re just visiting our great little town, take this opportunity to not only see the area by air, but learn a thing or two about flying in Alaska. Most pilots dream of logging a few hours of Alaska time in their logbook. We can help you do that, while logging time over glaciers, gorgeous coastline, and landing at challenging airstrips.

A variety of other services are offered here in Homer, and you can find out more about those in the Flight Training area. If you’re in doubt about something, just reach out and ask. We don’t bite.


Angle of Attack (the parent company of AviatorTraining) got its start as a video production company in 2006. We are still very passionate about what video and multimedia can not only do for aviation, but training in general.

Coming soon we will be offering online ground school. Each pilot is required to finish an approved ground school course for each license, whether that be Private Pilot Ground School, Commercial Pilot Ground School, or Instrument Ground School.

Our years of experience in video will no doubt lend to a great product, with Alaska as the background. We’re insanely passionate about student success, and can’t wait for you to learn how to fly.

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Want to catch a glimpse into some of the flying we do here at AviatorTraining and Angle of Attack?


We’ve started a new Youtube/Video series based on some of our flying adventures in Alaska. They are a blast to watch and you get a real feel for the type of flying we do here.
Check out the video series on our site here, or go to YouTube.


Do you find yourself wanting to stay connected to aviation while you’re doing non-aviation things, like driving, community, mowing the lawn, or working?

Well, we can help with that. We’ve been working on our podcast, AviatorCast, for over 4 years. We have over 100 episodes of great, entertaining and informative episodes.


Have you ever had a burning question that you didn’t dare ask during flight training? Have you ever wanted a source you could go to where those questions could be answered?

AskTheCFI is a podcast and YouTube show that answers your questions on the air. Simply click the link below, fill out the form, and your question could be featured on the show.