Hey there 👋 We’re Angle of Attack – a leading Online Ground School for pilots and we just wanted to say hi. 


Well Chris Palmer our founder has been in aviation training and creating educational content since 2006. As a career CFI (Certified Flight Instructor) and Master Aviation Educator* Chris trains dozens of pilots year round at his Alaska based flight school, Angle of Attack HQ.

He’s one of Youtube’s leading Aviation Training Content Creators with over 120K subscribers. With a focus on developing and sharing new flight training methods, techniques, and tips.

Chris founded Angle of Attack to offer a new, fresh and modern spin on aviation training. AOA does this by keeping the building on the wonderful knowledge passed down through the generations, married with new and modern media. 

Our Mission

Angle of Attack exists to help the next generation of pilots be successful in whatever aviation journey they choose. We’re focused on blending the latest in learning technology, visual learning, and modern flight techniques to make our student’s study time incredibly efficient. 

why angle of attack?

Like picking a quality flight instructor, we know choosing a top-notch online ground school is just as important. We don’t take that responsibility lightly. Here are just five reasons you should consider us for your next pilot licenses or rating ground school:

Learn Faster and Speed Up Your Training

Short, engaging videos break down complex topics into plain English so you’ll absorb more info faster. Move through your training quicker, save money and accomplish your goals in less time.

Climb Into The Cockpit With The Knowledge You Need

Take the controls for the first time and actually know what to do. Surprise your instructor with all the knowledge, procedures, and safety concepts you’ve already learned. Save money AND earn your pilot's license quicker.

One Of Youtube's Leading Aviation Training Content Creators

Chris focuses on developing and sharing new methods, techniques and tips while flight training with real students. Those tips are turned into relevant lessons and shared on our training website in a more official, complete format.

Our Instructors are the Real Deal

Our Instructors are actively teaching students on a regular basis. We understand the struggles, plateaus and hardships of each student. As a result, we know how to help power through those barriers. Other courses are taught by instructors that haven’t taught real students in years, and have lost touch with how to teach in the real world.

Angle Of Attack’s Unique System

This system is tailor-made to guide pilots like you through the entire process of becoming a pilot or attaining that next rating. This proven step-by-step process will silence the inner critic that says “I’m not good enough” and helps you achieve your aviation goals.