Our Flight School

Angle of Attack offers a range of services for flight training at our Alaska based flight school. If you’re not from Alaska and doing training elsewhere, make sure to see our Online Ground School, which you can take ANYWHERE in the USA via our training website.

If you are local to Alaska or plan on visiting in the future, we offer a full range of flight training services. Our flight school can take you from knowing nothing to being a commercial pilot.

Not From Alaska?

Full Service Flight Training IN HOMER, ALASKA



Are you interested in learning to fly but don’t know where to begin? Do you have  someone that you think may be interested in flying? If so, a Discovery Flight is exactly what you need.

During your first flight with us, we’ll learn more about your needs, desires, and dreams as a pilot. Then, we’ll tailor your first flight experience to give you a taste of what being a pilot can add to your life.

Reach out to us to schedule your first flight lesson. We can’t wait to share our passion for the skies!

Ready to go the distance? Explore what’s next.

Private Pilot


The first certificate a pilot attains is called Private Pilot. This certificate gives license to legally fly passengers, and yourself, in a variety of airplanes. Many pilots choose to do just Private Pilot. 

Flight training is a fun process of learning new topics and skills, guided by your FAA certificated instructor. It takes a minimum of 40 hours of flight training to become a Private Pilot, but the national average is more like 60. 

We’re happy to guide you through the whole process, while you enjoy flying in the Alaskan skies.

Instrument Rating


After becoming a Private Pilot, many aviators desire to increase their skills by becoming instrument rated. An instrument rating allows pilots to fly in a greater variety of weather, referencing only the instruments for safe flight. This requires a new level of knowledge and skill. 

Our flight school features a fully certified instrument airplane, and we also have an approved AATD (Advanced Aviation Training Device). Not only will you learn to fly in real conditions in a real airplane, but you’ll also leverage the technology of a flight simulator to efficiently go through your training. 

All pilots who plan on flying professionally will need to have an instrument rating. 

Commercial Pilot


Can you imagine getting paid to fly? Well, that’s what happens when you become a commercial pilot. 

A commercial pilot can fly for hire in a number of different situations. Before you go seeking a job, or flying around someone in their fancy jet, you’ll need to go through commercial pilot training. 

Our flight school is well versed in what it takes to become a commercial pilot, and we can guide you through the process. 

Certified Flight Instructor


One of the best first jobs to work as a commercial pilot is that of a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI). At Angle of Attack, we’re passionate about the process of bringing someone into aviation and helping them achieve their dreams. We know that a CFI has a lot of responsibility on their shoulders to nurture and guide a student pilot through the process. 

If you’re looking to become a CFI or even a CFII and you enjoy our teaching style, inquire about interning and getting your CFI with Angle of Attack. We’d love to help you achieve this certificate. 

More Flight Training

Alaska Adventure

Are you visiting Alaska and just want to get a little flight time? We’ve got you covered! Pilots can book a flight with one of our instructors, where you get to take control and get some Alaska flying time. You can even invite along a passenger or two, depending on weight. 

We will traverse the mountains of Kachemak Bay, talking about the ins and outs of flying in the mountains or anything else you want to know about Alaska flying. We can sometimes land in remote Alaska airports nestled in the wilderness. You’ll gain experience flying in the mountains, and leave with many memories of flying in the Alaskan mountains.

Flight Review

Have a Flight Review coming up? Pilots are required to complete a minimum of 1 hour of ground training and 1 hour of flight training to fulfill their Flight Review. A flight review can often take longer than the allotted time, but we can help you stay or get back into the air. 

Instrument Proficiency Check

Has your instrument currency lapsed? If it has, you’ll need to complete an Instrument Proficiency Check. Most of this can be done in a simulator, but some of it must be done in an airplane. We’ll find out what kind of program you’d like and go from here. 

Rusty Pilot

Have you been out of flying for a while, or simply want to fly with an instructor to freshen up? We can help. We’ll taking a flight training program to meet your needs and specific challenges, and then get you back up to snuff. 

Simulator Rental

Our location in Homer has a fully certified AATD simulator available for outside use, as well as training at our headquarters. If you’re instrument rated and keeping currency, wanting to gain loggable flight time, or simply stay sharp on your skills, we can help. 

This simulator can simulator a Cessna 172 or Cessna 182RG, and is based on the G1000.