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Anna Rusinowski: Flying in Canada | Aviation Careers | Women in Aviation — AviatorCast 152

  PilotAnnie aka Anna Rusinowski joins us on today’s episode of AviatorCast. If you’re curious about the differences between Canadian aviation and that of the FAA way in the United States. Anna has an awesome Instagram and is …

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Rose Dorcey: Flying Grandma | Medical Emergencies | Wisconsin Aviation — AviatorCast 150

Just days from her commercial checkride, Rose suffered a very dangerous and life threatening ruptured aneurysm. It was only minutes earlier that John (husband and CFI) and Rose were landing at KOSH after a training flight. She shares her story on AviatorCast.

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Breaking Down METARs -- 1 Minute Wings

Raw vs Plain Language? METARs have been around for a LONG time. Some may be used to breaking down the raw, and others find that tech like ForeFlight makes it a lot easier. Remember a METAR is what …

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