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It’s NOT Worth It — AviatorCast 159

They say “build your time” and “pay your dues”. But in aviation, is it worth giving EVERYTHING up for that ultimate dream? Or are there limits to the insanity we should put ourselves through? In this podcast we …

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The Grind - AviatorCast 157

Flight training is a load of fun if you’re lined up with the right instructor and school. But even then, eventually it’ll get difficult. Not because it isn’t fun, but because it’s a lot of work. That’s why …

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10 AirVenture Moments - AviatorCast 156

AirVenture takes place in Oshkosh, Wisconsin every July. It’s a theme park for aviators and aviation enthusiasts. Everywhere you look, rare planes of all varieties are flying. It’s an aviation Mecca. In this episode,  I share 10 of …

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