19 Flight Training, Flying & Aviation Career Questions -- Motivation Monday #11

Questions on this episode:
1:15 I’m 35 and I got my PPL, how do you see the chances of getting a job once I get my CPL in 2-3 years?
2:54 How long after private to wait before going into instrument training?
5:23 What sets your online ground school apart from others?
8:05 Finished my PPL straight into instrument ground school with no break how to avoid burn out?
10:41 How could a VFR-only pilot effectively use a FTD like a Redbird?
12:23 Best strategy to study for your PPL written?
15:21 Do I need to know EVERYTHING before my PPL written exam?
17:14 How can I convince my flying buddy to scream CLEAR instead of just saying clear prop?
18:49 Should I wait until I pass the test before I start flight training?
21:38 Any tips to help get into the mindset for FOI?
23:54 Switching from part 61 PPL to part 141 instrument and commercial?
26:43 How long would you expect to train before first solo XC? CFI had a plan but curious on your take…
29:27 Is there a benefit to doing VMC practice approaches even while flying solo/VFR?
31:25 How important is understanding weather for PPL & can you recommend some resources?
36:28 Biggest tip on private pilot oral?
38:41 What recommendations do you have for a PP that is about to begin instrument training?
40:02 Adding a tail wheel endorsement to keep learning while time building?
41:06 Best way to stay determined to finish your flight training?
43:48 How in the world do you stay motivated with all there is to running a business such as yours?

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