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Join me on an intimate journey into the world of aviation and the critical step every aspiring pilot must conquer: the FAA medical certification. Hi, I’m Chris Palmer, master flight instructor and founder of Angle of Attack flight school here in Alaska. In this video, I open up about my personal struggles and triumphs with obtaining an FAA medical certificate, a crucial requirement for anyone looking to become a pilot in the USA. From battling through the initial shock of a multiple sclerosis diagnosis to overcoming the bureaucratic hurdles of FAA medical exams, I share my story to inspire and guide those facing similar challenges. Whether you’re pursuing an aviation career or dreaming of exploring the skies as a hobbyist, understanding the intricacies of the FAA medical certification process is paramount. In this video, we cover:

• Personal Insights: My journey from a determined 16-year-old with a dream to a seasoned pilot instructor.

• FAA Medical Basics: Explaining the different classes of FAA medical certificates and what they mean for your aviation goals. • Navigating Challenges: Tips on finding a supportive Aeromedical Examiner (AME) and leveraging resources like AOPA’s Pilot Protection Services for FAA medical special issuance and FAA medical deferred cases.

But that’s not all! Experience the thrill firsthand as we take flight to my AME appointment, soaring over the stunning landscapes of Alaska. From pre-flight preparations to navigating through the skies, you’ll witness the beauty and excitement of flying combined with the practicalities of maintaining FAA medical certification.

Plus, don’t miss out on breathtaking flying footage as we embark on my own FAA medical certification journey, taking you from the cockpit to my AME appointment. Whether you’re facing FAA medical mental health concerns or simply curious about the road to learning to fly, this video offers valuable insights and practical advice to help you navigate this crucial step with confidence.



Sam Rothstein

Online Ground school is where your journey to becoming a pilot begins.  It’s where you learn the basics before getting in an airplane. And it’s what prepares you to pass your FAA written exam and checkride.


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