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Valdez Alaska STOL 2022 PART 2 | Flying Competition

Valdez Alaska STOL 2022 | Flying Competition

MASSIVE Flying Day ➑ 11hrs 20mins + 894nm

πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ Flying to Canada, eh? | North to Alaska

CFI Flying Real IFR + Tips & Tricks

New Garmin Avionics + Flying IMC to Alaska

Flying OSH to ALASKA | First Leg | Single Pilot IFR

βœ… DONE! Cessna 172 Avionics Makeover [+] Startup & First Flight

MAJOR Cessna 172 Avionics [+] Panel Makeover

OLD School β–Ά NEW School: Extreme Panel & Avionics Makeover

NEW Cessna 172 Avionics + Panel REVEAL

New Year, New You, 2022, — AviatorCast 165 by Angle of Attack

Flying ALASKA to OSH | Day 5 | The Little Airplane That Could

Flying ALASKA to OSH | Day 4 | BACK in the USA

Rolling with the Punches β€” AviatorCast 164

Flying ALASKA to OSH | Day 3 – Pt 2 | AVIATION Adventure MAX

β€œYour Life in My Hands” A Lesson in Aviation Professionalism β€” AviatorCast 163

ALASKA to OSH | Day 3 – Pt 1 | Breathtaking Canadian Rocky Mountains

Self Doubt & β€œThe Right Stuff” β€” AviatorCast 162

ALASKA to OSH | Day 2 – Pt 2 | Flying in Canada, eh?

Thankful for Flight β€” AviatorCast 161

ALASKA to OSH | Day 2 | SVFR + HARD Mountain Flying + ForeFlight SynVis

Planning an EPIC 3000+ nm Flight with Foreflight | Alaska to Oshkosh

If it FITS, it SHIPS | Epic 3000+nm Flight & Winter Flying Survival Kit

Extreme Airplane Panel Makeover | IT BEGINS!

“AM I DREAMING?!” Lucky Pilot + Father Wins AEROSHELL Formation Flight

VIP TOUR ✈️ Orbis Flying Hospital

The GREATEST (Aviation) Show on Earth | AirVenture 2021

The Future & ForeFlight — AviatorCast 160

It’s NOT Worth It β€” AviatorCast 159

10 Aviation Commandments β€” AviatorCast 158

This Flight Brought Tears to My Eyes | Mountain Flying

The Grind – AviatorCast 157

Alaska Bush Ski Flying and STUCK in Overflow | Winter Flight Training

10 AirVenture Moments – AviatorCast 156

Ski Flying FUN in Alaska | Winter Flight Training

Flying Alaska to Wisconsin in a Cessna 172 β€” AviatorCast 155

Aviation Safety is a Choice β€” AviatorCast 154

Will I YAK in a YAK? | Flying Aerobatics in a Ukrainian Warbird

Seaplane Checkride… Will I Pass? | Flying in Alaska

Where I’ve Been β€” AviatorCast 153


EPIC Seaplane Flying in Alaska | Confined & Emergency Landings

Flying Seaplanes with Sarah in Alaska Pt.3 || Nicole’s Journey

FORCED WATER LANDING — Warbird aircraft crashes on Florida Beach + 3 Angles #SHORTS

Alaska Seaplane Flying with Sarah Pt.2 | The Great One!

Hangar Dance Time

Don’t look in your rear view mirror…

The most gorgeous DeHavilland Beaver you’ll ever see

Cessna 172 Buried in the Snow

Absolutely stunning scenery over Zion National Park

Sara rocking the Eights on Pylons

Backcountry strips in Arkansas

Flying to Keywest Florida in Formation

Riding with the Aeroshell Aerobatic Team

The best sound in the world

The coolest aviation restaurant — Waypoint in Camarillo

Flying with the Aeroshell Aerobatic Team

The perfect place to ponder

Pretty day to fly

Preflight visitor

Gorgeous mountain peaks in Alaska

the coolest aviation restaurant

Gear up landing — propellor pock marks

Formation to Key West Florida

FISK Arrival Controllers at EAA Airventure

Alaska Seaplane Flying with Sarah Pt.1 | It’s Time!

Sure is short without landing gear… gear up landing

OUCH! Gear up landing…

Who loves the 172? #SHORTS

Dreamlifter 747-400 departing PANC Anchorage Alaska #SHORTS

Sunrise with a floatplane on a frozen lake #SHORTS

Interrupted by an airplane — winter in Alaska #SHORTS

Wrecked airplane (everyone was alright) #SHORTS

Whoa, this airplane is in bad shape… #SHORTS

10❌ Cessna 172 Traffic Patterns [+] Student Pilot Close to First Solo

Discovery flight with a student pilot #SHORTS

Annalynn is a pilot! #SHORTS

Successful and beautiful flight after a checkride #SHORTS

Checkride Prep with a student #SHORTS

Radial Otter on floats startup and taxi #SHORTS

We landed on a frozen lake #SHORTS Trailer

We landed on a frozen lake

Stalls – Slow Flight – Aborted Takeoffs OH MY! | PPL Flight Training IRL

An Aviation Christmas Message

Student Pilot lands Cessna 172 HIMSELF | Private Pilot Flight Training

πŸ• [+] ✈️ [+] πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘¦β€πŸ‘¦ = ❀️ | Pizza, Planes, People, Party

How to Land an Airplane | REAL Lesson with CFI & Student Pilot

Aviation THANKSGIVING [+] 7 Flying & Pilot Life Things

Traffic Pattern Drills & Practice | REAL Student Pilot Lesson w/ CFI

10 YEARS Flying in Alaska [+] the 1-Salmonty-2

RAW [+] UNCUT 5 x Takeoffs & Landings with Flight Instructor

Annalynn’s First Solo!

Flying the Cessna 172 | Real Lesson with CFI & Student Pilot

Middle-of-Nowhere Alaska Bush Pilot Flying Rodeo

8 Flying Drills to LIFT Your Skills [+] New Student Pilot Flight Training

We Landed a 172 on the Ocean Floor

Fathers Flying Floats AND Fun [+] Backcountry Alaska Fishing

5 Common Landing Mistakes [+] How To Fix Them | Flight Training

Beachhoppin’ Bushwheel Birthday Bash | Alaska Flying

Anna Rusinowski: Flying in Canada | Aviation Careers | Women in Aviation β€” AviatorCast 152

Back to Flying | 8 PRO Steps to Pilot Proficiency

Guy on a BUFFALO! Flying a Small Airplane to Catalina Island

Ryan Dembroski: SuperAero YouTube | Flying Dad | Promoting Aviation β€” AviatorCast 151

Chris Palmer – Angle of Attack – SuperAero LIVE #3

Rose Dorcey: Flying Grandma | Medical Emergencies | Wisconsin Aviation β€” AviatorCast 150

BUUUSY Class Bravo Airspace at SFO — AOPA FIRC | The Finer Points | Jason Miller

Breaking Down METARs — 1 Minute Wings

Cory Schow: Corporate Pilot & Creator β€” AviatorCast 149

Out of Quarantine / Homer Alaska Flying Tour

Aviation History OVERLOAD: 2 of the BEST Museums in 1 Day

Jake Tishman: New Airline Pilot | Aviation Medical | Perseverance β€” AviatorCast 148

FARs Temporary Changes in response to COVID-19

Maj. John “Rain” Waters [ F16 Deployed & Demo Pilot | USAF Instructor | 777 Pilot ] β€” AviatorCast 147

TO THE CHOPPA! [Flying a Helicopter | Skeet Shooting | Aviation VLOG]

Ask the CFI #16 | 33 Flight Training, Flying & Aviation Career Questions

Flying a Pilatus PC12 TO THE MOON: Neil Armstrong | Ohio | Sporty’s | Flight Outfitters

Ask the CFI #15 | 26 Flight Training, Flying & Aviation Career Questions

Josh Flowers from Aviation101 β€” AviatorCast 146

Sporty’s: Inside the Amazon of Aviation

Ask the CFI #14 | 29 Flight Training, Flying & Aviation Career Questions

Success While Flying a Desk at Home β€” AviatorCast 145

AWESOME Flying in Ohio | Flight Outfitters HQ – Sporty’s Mecca – $100 Hamburger

Ask the CFI #13 | 34 Flight Training, Flying & Aviation Career Questions

Your Content Ideas, Your Aviation Path β€” AviatorCast 144

Keepin’ it Fresh like a CFI β€” 1 Minute Wings

25 Flight Training, Flying & Aviation Career Questions — Motivation Monday #12

Coronavirus’ Impact on Aviation & What’s Next for Pilots β€” AviatorCast 143

The Pilot License is NOT the Goal β€” 1 Minute Wings

19 Flight Training, Flying & Aviation Career Questions — Motivation Monday #11

Beginning Your Flight Training β€” AviatorCast 142

Align Your Course in Aviation β€” 1 Minute Wings

Check Their Work — 1 Minute Wings

27 Flight Training, Flying & Aviation Career Questions — Motivation Monday #10

Your First Solo β€” AviatorCast 141

21 Flight Training, Flying & Aviation Career Questions — Motivation Monday #9

The Hobby Gap β€” Professional Flying for the Recreational Pilot β€” AviatorCast 140

Who helped fan your flying flame? β€” 1 Minute Wings

Ferry an Airplane — 1 Minute Wings

Kobe Bryant Crash from a Flight Instructor’s Perspective β€” AviatorCast 139

Flight Instructor Refresher Course with AOPA & Jason Miller β€” AviatorCast 138

22 Flight Training, Flying & Aviation Career Questions — Motivation Monday #8

Is a flight simulator part of your flight training tool kit? — 1 Minute Wings

22 Flight Training, Flying & Aviation Career Questions — Motivation Monday #7

Stupid-proof Your Flying with Aviation Safety β€” AviatorCast 137

The Incurable Aviation Bug for Flying Things β€” 1 Minute Wings

15 Flight Training, Flying & Aviation Career Questions — Motivation Monday #6

For the Pilot’s Spouse β€” AviatorCast 136

Commit to Aircraft Inspections and Maintenance β€” 1 Minute Wings

13 Flight Training, Flying & Aviation Career Questions — Motivation Monday #5

Thank Airport Maintenance — 1 Minute Wings

22 Flight Training, Flying & Aviation Career Questions — Motivation Monday #4

How to Get Back Into Aviation & Flight Training β€” AviatorCast 135

Enjoy Your Aviation Journey — 1 Minute Wings

19 Flight Training, Flying & Aviation Career Questions — Motivation Monday #3

Why We Are Pilots β€” 1 Minute Wings

24 Flight Training & Aviation Career Questions — Motivation Monday #2

Warming Your Plane in Winter — #1MinuteWings

Motivation Monday — 30 Flight Training & Aviation Career Questions LIVE

Come Inside the Fence — 1 Minute Wings

Teenagers: How to Become a Pilot β€” AviatorCast 134

Checkride ACE + Preparation, Overview & Breakdown β€” AviatorCast 133

Wind Wise Tips for Flying Airplanes β€” AviatorCast 132


Aviation Needs All Your Talents and Skills β€” AviatorCast 131

You are the BOSS in YOUR Flight Training — 1 Minute Wings

Finish Your Steps in Flying Airplanes — 1 Minute Wings

Smoke is No Joke! Flying Dangers + Aviation Safety β€” AviatorCast 130

The Power of Self Talk in Flying — 1 Minute Wings

Preflight Rules to Live By β€” AviatorCast 129

Humility is the Anti Hazardous Attitude β€” 1 Minute Wings

Path to Success in CFI Flight Training β€” AviatorCast 128

VMC Into IMC: Leading Killer In General Aviation β€” 1 Minute Wings

Commercial Pilot Flight Training Success | AviatorCast 127

Commercial Pilot Flight Training Successβ€” AviatorCast 127

Plan for Gliding Distance and Engine Out Over Water β€” 1 Minute Wings

Your Path to Instrument Flight Training Success #AviatorCast 126

Lines, Signs, & Runway Incursions | 1 Minute Wings

Don’t Quit Flight Training #AviatorCast 125

4 Tips to Taxi an Airplane — 1 Minute Wings

Part 141 vs Part 61 Flight Schools #AviatorCast 124

Part 141 vs Part 61 Flight Schools β€” AviatorCast 124

Out of radio range for ATC and Weather? Use this trick

How to Avoid Study Burnout in Private Pilot Training β€” #AviatorCast 123

Flying is Art — Airmanship vs FAA Maneuvers — 1 Minute Wings

Crosswind Landings & Takeoff — Prep for PPL Checkride

Crosswind Landings & Takeoff — Prep for PPL Checkride

Becoming a Commercial Pilot Will Change Your Aviation Life #AviatorCast 122

Becoming a Commercial Pilot Will Change Your Aviation Life β€” AviatorCast 122

Get over ATC & Radio “Mic Fright” — 1 Minute Wings

Where I’ve been and what is next? #AviatorCast 121

Everything in aviation has a season

Thoughts on 9/11

The key to crosswind success — Spot the Sock!

He passed his Private Pilot Checkride!

Celebrating a Checkride

Sara passed her commercial checkride!

Good Morning!

Simple Moments

Centerline Pride — 1 Minute Wings

Something about this shot is pure

Find wind direction AND speed — 1 Min Wings

FULLY LOADED Short Field Takeoff in Alaska + Tree Clearance

ACTUAL Short Field Landing in Alaska + Forward Slip, CFIT Avoidance

ACTUAL Soft Field Landing in Alaska + Trees

ACTUAL Short Field Takeoff in Alaska + Max Performance Climb ( Vx )

ACTUAL Soft Field Takeoff + Confined Airport

Flying a Power off 180ΒΊ Landing

How to fly: Soft Field Landing

How to Fly a Soft Field Takeoff

How to Fly a Short Field Landing

How To Fly A Short Field Takeoff

How to fly: Normal Landing

How To Do an Engine Runup and Checklist

How To Fly a Normal Takeoff

How to fly: Taxi an Airplane

Operation Pumpkin Drop… from Airplanes

Ground Reference S-Turns in 360 & VR — Private Pilot Flying Maneuvers

Emergency Descent in 360 & VR — Private Pilot Flying Maneuvers

Emergency Descent in 4K — Private Pilot Flying Maneuvers

Stability and Stalls in 360 & VR — Private Pilot Flying Maneuvers

Aircraft Stability in 4K — Private Pilot Flying Maneuvers

Power On Stall in 360 & VR — Private Pilot Flying Maneuvers

Power On Stall in 4K — Private Pilot Flying Maneuvers

Power Off Stall in 360 & VR — Private Pilot Flying Maneuvers

Power Off Stall in 4K — Private Pilot Flying Maneuvers

Slow Flight in 360 & VR — Private Pilot Flying Maneuvers

Slow Flight in 4K — Private Pilot Flying Maneuvers

Steep Turns in 360 & VR — Private Pilot Flying Maneuvers

Steep Turns in 4K — Private Pilot Flying Maneuvers

WWII Triple Ace Pilot Col. C.E. “Bud” Anderson — AviatorCast 120

Justin Siems — Corporate Pilot | Pilot to Pilot Podcast: AviatorCast 119

IM SAFE Checklist — AviatorCast Episode 118

It all started HERE — First Flight Airport

BEST AirVenture EVER — Oshkosh 2018

The Prepared Aviation Student — AviatorCast 117

Alaska Discovery Flight — “Where do I sign up?!”

Collision Avoidance — AviatorCast 116

A Benchwarmers Guide to Aviation — AviatorCast Episode 115

AviatorCast Episode 114: Flight Following

5 Pilot Fears (and how to overcome them) — AviatorCast 113

Ice Giants — Flight VLOG

AviatorCast Episode 112: The Battle for Valdez

AviatorCast Episode 111: 11 Steps to Instrument Mastery

AviatorCast Episode 110: Phil Stokes: Flying as a One-Armed Pilot

AviatorCast Episode 109: Sarina Houston: CFI | Aviatrix | Flying Mom | Writer

What can go wrong, will go wrong

AviatorCast Episode 108: Sky Wars: The Last Pilot β€” 9 Flying Lessons from the Galaxy of Star Wars

AviatorCast Episode 107: Zoan Harclerode: AOPA National Best Flight Instructor 2017

Winter Flying in UTAH & Commercial Pilot Training

California Dreamin’ with Commercial Pilot Training

AviatorCast Episode 106: Tres Clinton: Flight Instructor | Tailwheel | Floatplanes

Commercial Pilot Training & Written Test — Angle of Attack Show EP 6

AviatorCast Episode 105: John Chmiel: Flight Instructor | Airport Manager | Orange Roughy Stearman

AviatorCast Episode 104: Wisconsin Fall Flying

AviatorCast Episode 103: Finding, Picking and Keeping a Flight Instructor

AviatorCast Episode 102: First Private Pilot Student PASSED

$100 Hamburger in Alaska — Angle of Attack Show EP 5

Knik Picnic bush pilot gathering at glacier — Angle of Attack Show EP 4

Flying to a remote Alaska village — Angle of Attack Show EP 3

Small dirt strip + flying my unborn child — Angle of Attack Show EP 2

AviatorCast Episode 101: The Future Near and Far

Grizzly Bears and Bush Planes — Angle of Attack Show EP 1

AviatorCast Episode 100: Celebrating 100 Episodes with CFI

AviatorCast Episode 99: Commercial Pilot Training Part III — The Checkride and β€œWhat Makes a Professional Pilot”

AviatorCast Episode 98: Commercial Pilot Training Part II w/ Michael Phillips

AviatorCast Episode 97: Commercial Pilot Training Part I w/ Michael Phillips

AviatorCast Episode 96: Ken Wittekiend: DPE | Checkrides | Promark Aviation | SAFE

AviatorCast Episode 95: Dave Herwig: Golden Knight | CFI | Cape Fear Aviation

AviatorCast 2016 Message & Santa’s Aviation Secrets

AviatorCast Episode 94: Written Test: The “Pass” in Passion

AviatorCast Episode 93: Bob Hoover & Veterans Day

AviatorCast Episode 92: Medical Mystery Tour: Third Class Medical Reform and MORE

AviatorCast Episode 91: Flying in Alaska This Summer – 6 Focus Points

AviatorCast Episode 90: SR-71 Blackbird Crew: Richard Graham & Don Emmons

AviatorCast Episode 89: EAA AirVenture #OSH16 Report

AviatorCast Episode 88: Rod Machado: Flight Instructor | | Speaker | Edutainment

AviatorCast Episode 87: Valdez Fly-in and STOL Competition 2016

AviatorCast Episode 86: Steve Vihlen: Airline Cargo Pilot | Fighter Pilot | GA Lover

AviatorCast Episode 85: Sun ’N Fun 2016

AviatorCast Episode 84: Celebrating 10 Years

AviatorCast Episode 83: Flight School from Dovetail Games w/ Stephen Hood

AviatorCast Episode 82: Don Sebastian | Airplane Detective

AviatorCast Episode 81: Flying While Grounded

AviatorCast Episode 80: Dan Pimental: Aviation Writer | GA Advocate | Camp Bacon | Social Media

AviatorCast Episode 79: Patrick Smith: Cockpit Confidential | | Airline Pilot | Travel

AviatorCast Episode 78: Mike Rushforth: Sendaero | Mentoring | Airline Pilot

AviatorCast Episode 77: Virtual Reality with Daniel Church: FlyInside | Oculus Rift | Flight Simulation

AviatorCast Christmas 2015

AviatorCast Episode 76: Star Wars | The Forces of Flight Awaken

AviatorCast Episode 75: MapleWood 2015 | Redbird Migration | Space Shuttle | Flying

AviatorCast: Ed Bolen- NBAA CEO | Pilot | Corporate | Business | Government | GAMA

AviatorCast: P51s in Review at Oshkosh

AviatorCast: Craig Fuller- Former AOPA President | Redbird Chairman | Pilot | Advocacy | Government

AviatorCast: Charles McGee- Tuskegee Airman

AviatorCast: Brian Terwilliger- Living in the Age of Airplanes

AviatorCast: Bob Hoover- Ole’ Yeller | POW | Airshow Pilot | Test Pilot | Forever Flying | Flying the Feathered Edge

AviatorCast: Apollo 13- Jim Lovell | Fred Haise | Milton Windler | Bill Reeves

AviatorCast: National Aviation Day 8 Point Roll

AviatorCast Episode 74: OpenAirplane Cofounder Rod Rakic: Aircraft Rental | PPL | Pilot Checkout | CAP

1st Edition AviatorCast T-Shirts – FLY OR DIE

AviatorCast Episode 73: Jeffrey Graham: Naval Aviator | P3 Orion | P8 Poseidon | Aviation Safety Officer

AviatorCast Episode 72: Sarah Fritts: Think Aviation | Army Helicopter Pilot | War Veteran | Regional Pilot

AviatorCast Episode 71: Paul Dye: NASA | Space Shuttle | Flight Director | Kitplanes Magazine | Pilot

AviatorCast Episode 70: Brad Tate: Airline Pilot | Family Man | American Airlines | @AAFO4EVER

AviatorCast Episode 69:’s Zane Jacobson: Bush Flying | Forums | Wilderness | Videos | Blog

AviatorCast Episode 68: John Dorcey of S.A.F.E: Society of Aviation and Flight Educators | Education | CFI | K-12

AviatorCast Episode 67: Jim Hoddenbach of Disciples of Flight: Photography | A&P IA | Backcountry | Video | Bountiful Skypark

AviatorCast Episode 66: Leland Shanle: Naval Aviator | 777 Pilot | Author | Broken Wing Productions

AviatorCast Episode 65: 7 Lasting Wright Brothers Lessons

AviatorCast Episode 64: Report on WATS and Sun ‘n Fun 2015

AviatorCast Episode 63: AirlinePilotGuy aka Jeff Nielsen: Airline Pilot | Children of the Magenta | Automation Dependency | Captain Authority

AviatorCast Episode 62: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Aviators

AviatorCast Episode 61: Austin Meyer of X-Plane: XPLANE | XAvion | Startup | Software | Flight Simulator | iOS | Android

AviatorCast Episode 60: AvGeek Fest 2015: #AGF15 | Boeing | Alaska Airlines | Karlene Petitt | Mike Swanigan

AviatorCast 59: Jason Schappert of MzeroA: CFII | Flying Again | Training Videos | Private Pilot Blueprint

AviatorCast Episode 58: Karlene Petitt: Airline Pilot | Author | Blogger | Women in Aviation | Flight to Success

AviatorCast Episode 57: Founder Dave Pascoe: ATC | IFR Flying | Entrepreneur | NTSB | Mic Fright

AviatorCast Episode 56: Don Lee – Alaska Bush Pilot for 35+ Years | Skis | Floats | Glaciers | Instructor – by Angle of Attack

AviatorCast Episode 55: Jeroen Doorman – Flight Sim Video | Tweaking | Hardware | FSX | Prepar3D | X-Plane

AviatorCast Episode 54: Matt Hall: Red Bull Air Racer | Top Gun Instructor | Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) | Bad @$$

AviatorCast Episode 53: 1st Anniversary/Birthday!

AviatorCast Episode 52: Brent Owens: | Corporate Pilot | RV-8 | Author

AviatorCast Episode 51: FlightChops (Steve Thorne): Youtube | Weekend Warrior | Canadian | Flying Videos

AviatorCast Episode 50: SMART 2015 Goals- Your Personal Annual

AviatorCast Episode 49: Santa’s Aviator Secrets Revealed

AviatorCast Episode 48: Rob Burgon- Fighter Pilot | F-22 Raptor | U.S. Air Force

AviatorCast Episode 47: Ultimate Simulated IFR & 7 Healthy IFR Mindsets

AviatorCast Episode 46: Jerry Gregoire of Redbird Simulations: RedHawk | Full Motion | Connected Airplane | SkyPort

AviatorCast Episode 45: A2A Simulations | Scott Gentile | Cessna 172 | Cessna 182 | Accusim | Flight Simulation

AviatorCast Episode 44: Hangar Talk w/ Mariano Ripoll: Airline Pilot | Inspiring | Flight Simulation

AviatorCast Episode 43: Flightsim Visuals & Learning from Accidents: PLAN-B | Oculus Rift | ADM

AviatorCast Episode 42: Redbird Migration: Connected Airplane | FMX | Redhawk

AviatorCast Episode 41: Brendan Farmer: CFI | UND Aerospace | Meteorology

AviatorCast Episode 40: Teen to Pilot | Tips & Tricks on How to Get Your Private Pilot

AviatorCast Episode 39: Rick Todd: NAFI | Flight Simulators | Chicago Premiere Flight Training

AviatorCast Episode 38: 9 Seaplane Challenges You Wont Get with Wheels

AviatorCast Episode 37: Ron Rapp: Gulfstream IV | Aerobatics | Writer | Opinion Leader

AviatorCast Episode 36: Cap’n Aux: Airline Pilot | Author | Blogger | Passionate Aviator

AviatorCast Episode 35: Bush Flying Blast: Float Planes | CubCrafters | Backcountry Flying

AviatorCast Episode 34: Lockheed Martin Flight Service: Mike Glasgow | 1800WXBRIEF

AviatorCast Episode 33: Hangar Talk w/ ForeFlight: Ryan McBride | iPad Apps | EFB

AviatorCast Episode 32: Hangar Talk w/ Aero Glass: Augmented Reality HUD for Pilots

AviatorCast Episode 31: Hangar Talk w/ Matt Guthmiller: Youngest Pilot to Fly Solo Around the World

AviatorCast Episode 30: The 10 Commandments of Pilots-in-Command

AviatorCast Episode 29: 3 Coolest Things From Osh Kosh Airventure 2014

AviatorCast Episode 28: Osh Kosh 2014

AviatorCast Episode 27: MH17 Tragedy | PMDG 777 SP1 and 777-300ER

AviatorCast Episode 26: Hangar Talk w/ Real Environment Xtreme: Weather | Textures | REX 4 DIRECT

AviatorCast Episode 25: Independence Day | Louis Zamperini | WWII Aircraft

AviatorCast Episode 24: Hangar Talk w/ Nick Collett Pt. II: Airline Pilot | Flight Simmer | Passion

AviatorCast Episode 23: The War on VMC into IMC | Real Training=Real Simulator

AviatorCast Episode 22: 5 Aviation Acronyms to Know By Heart | Microsoft Sells Flightsim Franchise?!

AviatorCast Episode 21: Hangar Talk w/ Ivy McIver: Cirrus Aircraft | Female Pilot | Cyclist | Skier | Boeing Field

AviatorCast Episode 20: Hangar Talk w/ Keith Smith: PilotEdge | ATC | Radio Communication | Aviation English

AviatorCast Episode 19: FAA Medical Mess and Redbird Round Robin

AviatorCast Episode 18: Hangar Talk w/ Rick Durden: The Pilots Lounge Author | Aviation Lawyer | The Thinking Pilot’s Flight Manual Author | FAAST Team

AviatorCast Episode 17: Hangar Talk w/ Capt. Mike Swanigan: Alaska Airlines Captain | Talking Flight Podcast | Airline Pilot | Blogger

AviatorCast Episode 16: Hangar Talk w/ Shane Schmidt: Pilot | Flight Simmer | 10 Minute Taxi | The Squawk Shoppe

AviatorCast Episode 15: Hangar Talk w/ John Venema: Founder of ORBX | Scenery | Simulation Environment | Industry Leader

AviatorCast Episode 14: Hangar Talk w/ Trevor “Grizz” Bair: PPL | Avid Flight Simmer | IFR Student

AviatorCast Episode 13: Hangar Talk w/ Matthew Roesener: PPL | Flight Sim Enthusiast | Author

AviatorCast Episode 12: Hangar Talk w/ Bruce Williams: Author | CFII MEI | Aerobatics | Simulator Books

AviatorCast Episode 11: Hangar Talk w/ Dr. Paul Craig: The Killing Zone Author| Aviation Professor | CFII MEI ATP

AviatorCast Episode 10: Hangar Talk w/ Swayne Martin: PPL | Blogger | Traveler | Future Pro Pilot

AviatorCast Episode 9: Hangar Talk w/ Jason Sokoloff: Aviation Safety | NTSB | Aeronautical Decision Making | Accident Investigation

AviatorCast Episode 8: Hangar Talk w/ Nick Collett: Flight Simmer | GA Aviator | Airline Pilot

AviatorCast Episode 7: Big Announcement! You’ll want to be a part of this

AviatorCast Episode 6: The Big Checkride Lie | 6 Flight Simmer Errors, and How to Correct Them

AviatorCast Episode 5: 5 Dangerous Pilot Attitudes | My Recommended Aircraft Addons

AviatorCast Episode 4: My Scariest Pilot Moment | 7 Environment Add-ons for the Perfect Setup

AviatorCast Episode 3: What Makes a Solid, IFR Aviator | How to Nail Virtual Jet Landings- Every Time

AviatorCast Episode 2: The Age of Autopilot & All Hands on Deck!

AviatorCast Episode 1: New Show, New Year, New Aviator

Major Announcement: Presenting the AviatorCast Podcast

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