Humility is the Anti Hazardous Attitude — 1 Minute Wings

Recently we were all shocked to see the crash of Draco. Even more than the shock was the relief that Mike Patey, his wife and friend all walked away from the accident.

The dust hadn’t settled and Mike was out of his airplane and talking about why he had made a bad decision, and encouraging others to be better and do better.

It’s true that we all have hazardous attitudes to one degree or another. Sometimes they get the best of us.

One thing that we need more of in aviation, and it’s the anti hazardous attitude is humility. Humility can go such a long way in promoting aviation safety. By doing so, we don’t have to be so macho, we can admit when we’re wrong, and be safer and better pilots as a result.

Let’s all be more like Mike and show a bit more humility next time we go to make a decision that might be on the line.

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