Beginning Your Flight Training — AviatorCast 142

Every person who starts in aviation has to find their way through a confusing mess of advice, competitors, and building a personal training plan.

Today we speak with Jacob, our video editor here at Angle of Attack, and talk about his headspace as he prepares for flight training. Just like many of you, Jacob has always had a love for flying and wants to pursue a pilot license. He’s just now getting to the point where that makes sense.

That’s an interesting place to intervene for an interview, as many of you may be going through this same process in the future, trying to put the pieces together for your flight training.

In this podcast we will discuss:

  • Where his love for aviation came from, and how it’s connected to family
  • The initial steps of talking to a flight school, good and bad
  • The need for, but also the caution surrounding aviation content and how some well intentioned lessons can leave bad impressions
  • How Jacob plans on following through with his flight training

I hope you enjoy this episode and relate a bit to what Jacob is going through. Make sure to thank him for his awesome work (he edited this episode as well)

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