Commercial Pilot Flight Training Success— AviatorCast 127

Are you thinking of flying for a living? Becoming a commercial pilot is a big growing experience, and takes a good number of hours to get there. But once there you’ll find it very rewarding to actually be paid to fly, for once!

In this podcast we will discuss:

▪ Some of the key differences in commercial pilot training
▪ Why becoming a ‘professional’ through the process is very important
▪ How it’s like PPL training, and why it’s not anything like it
▪ The steps to best prepare yourself
▪ Some items you can study that will be big

While for some it may seem commercial training is a long way off, it’ll get here before you know it. As a commercial pilot you can fly for hire, but not in all situations. You may end up being an instructor, an airline pilot, for fly or an on demand operator. You can even be a commercial pilot in someones own. There are lots of possibilities!

The journey isn’t super easy to get here, but it is worth it. You’l want to check out episode 123 as well for some extra motivation to get your commercial pilot license.

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