Enjoy Your Aviation Journey -- 1 Minute Wings

As we grow as pilots, we need to take stock of the moment. We can move the world pretty fast with an airplane, but let’s not forget to slow down, enjoy the moment, and the type of flying we’re doing. Some day they will become “the good ol’ days”.

Brittany is a bush pilot here in Homer, Alaska and a friend of mine. She’s worked hard to get where she is, and now works hard as a bush pilot. She’s enjoying the journey!

We could learn a lot from Brittany. While the flying she does is pretty cool, and the envy of many, it can get mundane to do the same thing every day. We often lose sight of just how lucky and blessed we are, and get grumpy about small things.

But she has an awesome perspective, still enjoys her flying job, and has found a good corner of aviation for the time being.

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via https://youtu.be/tEO3RY83u-Q

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