AviatorCast Episode 101: The Future Near and Far

Big new announcements for the future of Angle of Attack, AviatorCast, AviatorTraining.com and the Angle of Attack Show

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Today’s Flight Plan

We’ve been together for a while now, haven’t we? It’s been a journey for sure, from the beginning days of AviatorCast to now.

Episode 100 brought in a new era to AviatorCast, Angle of Attack, and my career as a CFI. It’s the start of a new chapter and a higher purpose.

My biggest effort and goal is to inspire fellow aviators. Of course, entertainment has been a large part of that venture. However, my true purpose is to assist you to get on a successful journey through your aviation career.

Over the past several years I’ve been working in the background to bring some things to the community that I hope will be of great benefit. On today’s show, we’ll talk about several of those bigger adventures ahead.


Angle of Attack has long been a place where I spread aviation passion through media. Video has always been a specialty of Angle of Attack, and that’s going even further now.

AviatorTraining.com is going to be a place where people can get official training for actual pilot certificates. We’ve got a lot of ideas rolling around right now, but let’s just say that the quality you’ve come to expect from AOA will now be brought into the pilot training market.

For as long as I can remember during my career as a pilot, even from the days as a student, I felt like training could be done more effectively. Like many millennials and pilots I learn best through visual and hands on training.

AviatorTraining will not only be an endeavor of online training, but we will be offering flying lessons for the public out of Homer, Alaska. We’ll serve not only the local community but also those visitors to Alaska that wish to get a taste of flying in the Last Frontier.

Learning will always be at the core of what we do here at Angle of Attack, and certainly part of AviatorTraining. Notice I didn’t say ‘teaching’. Teaching is what we actively do, but if you aren’t learning, then the goal isn’t being accomplished.

We’re excited to offer these services starting very soon. There are still some details to work out, but it’s right around the corner.

Angle of Attack Show

My journey through aviation has been typical. I started out flying at a young age only to find myself in a position where I couldn’t afford it much anymore. I worked hard and got myself back into it, and of course got to my recent CFI rating.

However, the story of this journey here in Alaska has been so rich and deeply meaningful that I couldn’t help but find a way to share it.

I’ve been inspired by folks like my good friend Steve Thorne (FlightChops), Steveo1Kinevo, and others to share my story.

So, over the last year I’ve been collecting and cataloguing my adventures in video format. There is yet a ton of footage to work through, but I’ve already got some material to release.

Starting today I’ll be releasing a new Youtube/Video series called the Angle of Attack Show. This show will be centered around my aviation journey here in Alaska and beyond. The focus is very much on the beauty of flight, the access it gives us, and more importantly the friendships that are created from a mutual love for flying things.

If you follow us just about anywhere, even just here on the podcast, you’re going to hear about the show on a regular basis. You can find links to it through any of our social media. The fastest place to find it will be on our Youtube Channel. So head over to Youtube and do a search.

Signup for updates at AngleofAttack.co.


AviatorCast will continue as it has with some enhancements. Of course the podcast will not be the only show in the game now, with the Angle of Attack Show now being a part of the whole picture. I’ll be doing my best to keep you guys abreast on everything that is happening and how it’s all coming together.

AviatorCast will also start to focus a bit more on ‘learning’ than it has in the past, while still maintaining the great guests we manage to get on the show. Again, Learning is at the core of what we do here at Angle of Attack. Now that I have the credentials to publicly teach, that will be more of an active process in all that we do.

I’m not sure if that means there will be particular learning segments in each AviatorCast Episode, or if I’ll simply be in more of a teaching mindset. However, it simply means this is a transforming period where you could be getting some more ‘meat’ out of the AviatorCast episodes in terms of coming away having learned something. And don’t worry, even you vegetarians can eat this kind of meat.

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Major thanks to the amazing Angle of Attack Crew for all their hard work over the years. Our team works incredibly hard, and they’re very passionate about what they do.

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Chris Palmer

Chief Flight Instructor and President of Angle of Attack. Founded in 2006.


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