4 Tips to Taxi an Airplane -- 1 Minute Wings

Airplanes weren’t meant to be efficient on the ground in taxi. But, these homesick angels can be corralled with a few simple steps. Here are my 4 to get started.

Taxiing an airplane is a necessary evil. We have to someone get from that parking spot to the magical moment where we get to fly. This is a critical phase. We’re the closest to other airplanes at this point, and we need to be careful that we see others, they see us, and we keep it all under control.

I’ve come up with these 4 tips (among others)

  1. Don’t taxi faster than you can think. If something comes up, you need to be able to stop.

  2. Power is for your speed. Don’t manage speed with your brakes, but rather power.

  3. Use your yoke position (control position) for wind corrections only.

  4. Keep your head on a swivel and taxi defensively.

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via https://youtu.be/Ch6LW7EzDFU

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