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Questions on this episode:
0:48 Tips for the oral side of the instrument checkride
4:17 Have any tips for remembering the numbers for the regulations?
6:49 What is the best way to not get “burn out” during instrument training towards the end?
11:06 What app do you use for the FAR/AIM?
11:34 Do you have to have a beard to be a good CFI?
11:54 Are loans beneficial for acquiring a CPL?
13:49 What are your tips and recommendations on cloud types and cloud forms to avoid when flying in IMC?
17:24 Should I fly with multiple instructors?
19:28 What’s the most important thing for me to do once I have my PPL?
21:09 Where’s the best place for get accurate winds aloft for my navlog?
22:36 I live in MN, do you need any rating for skis and to land on lakes/fields?
24:22 What’s the best study program for instrument?
25:50 What’s the key to being a good instructor?
28:26 Flaps or no flaps for high crosswind landing?
29:20 Ever lose the motivation to teach? What keeps you going?
31:26 Hi, I’m a student aspiring to do a PPL. Do you have any advice against air sickness?
32:54 At what point do would you recommend introducing ForeFlight on your PPL?
36:52 What advice would you have for someone going through Part 141 training?
40:25 I’m getting close to my PPL written what is your best advice to pass it?
41:10 As a low hour pilot, will renting a C172 throw off my training in a DA40 as I continue my IR and CPL?
42:41 What’s going on in the aviation industry? Too many accidents.
49:26 How do you copy with a school that has a culture of breaking FARs? Stay and be the black sheep or leave?

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Chris Palmer

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