Ice Giants -- Flight VLOG

My new friend Kevin introduced himself at Lake Hood last Summer because he had seen and followed me on Instagram. We became quick friends and later planned on flying together in his SuperCub.

Kevin started flying at a young age in the back of this cub (his dad’s SuperCub at the time) where the movements and controls were etched into his adolescent muscle memory.

Although Summer flying was almost over, there was still enough time for some flying in the fall. We linked up on the perfect weather day and couldn’t ask for more.

In deciding on a place to go, we heard of Strandline Lake. Apparently this lake was formed by a glacier that dams off a river. Every few years the glacier dam breaks and/or the water borrows it’s way through and releases most of the water from the lake.

Because the glacier has been caving off into the lake, once it empties there are very large ice bergs left behind.

This phenomenon is incredibly rare and we can’t pass up the chance to at least check it out.

With others having been in the area already, there was a tracked out runway down below that we were able to land on. After several passes, we determined it was safe and got it done.

From there we explored the caves, blown away by the size of these chunks of ice. The shenanigans were just way too fun, and we hope it happens again in the future.

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