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Questions on this episode:
1:58 How do you pay back a student loan after taking one out for a private pilot’s license?
3:23 Can a private pilot log hours towards a commercial pilot’s license if flying an empty commercial plane?
4:41 Is 35 too old to start training for a commercial pilot’s license?
6:09 What is your opinion regarding automation in this industry?
9:05 What was your top flying experience in 2019? What are you looking to in 2020?
12:45 Would you recommend getting IFR after PPL? How long after?
16:47 Recommendation on 121 vs 135 vs 91 straight out of 141 school?
20:27 When purchasing our first aircraft, what should we look for aside from price and hours?
23:11 Is 3 hours a week a good rate for training?
24:45 Scariest moment involving student error?
27:10 What’s your job when you don’t fly?
29:21 What is the best way to gain a tail wheel endorsement?
31:05 Would you ever consider writing a book?
32:02 Just started instrument training. Any good study habits you can advise?
34:57 Advice for a student pilot to perform so he can get his first solo?
36:46 What’s the best learning path for someone interested mostly in backcountry flying?
39:50 Do you have any personal minimums for signing a student off for a check ride? Number of Flights? ACS Standards?
43:56 Would you recommend starting flight training on a non-towered or on a towered airport?
46:31 What’s better: going to aviation college for an ATPL or just a local flight school?
49:52 Favorite plan to fly?
51:07 How does a VFR pilot utilize the Victor airways?
52:47 Is it true that employers will prefer Alaska hours over other standard hours?
55:05 Where and how to keep learning after PPL?
57:41 How can you check on the status of your FAA medical after you’ve sent them everything?

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