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Questions on this episode:
1:40 Are there well paying aviation jobs that allow you to be home with your family every night?
3:23 Going into the military, do you suggest commercial? Have 135 hours and about to get instrument.
4:24 Transitioning to a new airplane in the middle of PPL training. Good or bad?
5:17 I’m almost done with my commercial license and then will start my Multi IFR. Should I do my training through university?
6:16 What are your thoughts on flying corporate vs regional to build time for majors?
8:12 If going for commercial/instrument rating, do you recommend buying a plane?
9:46 Thoughts on the tailbeacon/wingbeacon vs something like a GTX 335? For cheap ADS-B solutions.
11:25 What is your long term goal?
12:34 As someone who has no contacts, how do I find a mentor within GA?
14:24 Are low-time jobs in Alaska easy to come by? I’ve been doing research but can’t really find much.
15:50 I’ve had a couple pilots recommend getting commercial after ppl and before instrument to be able to make some money.
17:04 Ever flown in a warbird? If not, anything in the works?
18:07 How easy is it to get your complex and high performance rating?

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Chris Palmer

Chief Flight Instructor and President of Angle of Attack. Founded in 2006.


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