The Hobby Gap — Professional Flying for the Recreational Pilot — AviatorCast 140

Are you a pilot that is flying for fun? Do you still want to be professional and safe? Would you like to remain outside of the statistics and decrease your likelihood of having an accident or incident?

On today’s podcast we’ll discuss how you can be a professional pilot, in manner, practice and proficiency, while still flying just for fun or personal benefit. This can be done through flight training with a CFI, and even on your own study program.

In this podcast we will discuss:

  • Why pilots and aviators lose their flying skills and aviation knowledge after their checkride, and without further training.
  • Examples of how every day normal pilots slowly, over time, get into a place where they are susceptible to incidents, accidents, or at least breaking rules
  • The process professionals take, both voluntarily and mandatory, to remain proficient and on the path of growth in their flying careers
  • Looking at the big picture and committing to “The Climb” to a safer aviation journey
  • How an instrument and/or commercial rating can be a huge value add even for those that aren’t planning on using them
  • Committing to your own recurrent flight training program every 6 months, and how that Flight Review would look
  • Retaking Ground School
  • Staying connected to aviation through new media like podcasts, YouTube and social media, to keep your head in the game.

This podcast is sure to be thought provoking for those pilots, even a private pilot, who want ultimate safety, growth, and success in their aviation journey. That starts, first and foremost, with being a safe and proficient pilot. But when that proficiency program isn’t required, that’s where we have to self commit to a ‘higher way’.

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