Ask the CFI #15 | 26 Flight Training, Flying & Aviation Career Questions


Questions on this episode:
1:21 Having a hard time with my power off stall. Any tips?
4:40 I’m about 10 hours away from my checkride. Do you have any tips or any podcast episodes I should listen to leading up to it?
6:11 Best way to memorize airspace dimensions, etc?
8:49 Thoughts on ATP flight school and other fast paced programs?
10:50 What do you think about the situation in the aviation industry for new CPL pilots?
12:42 In case of engine failure after take off what is the best action in different aircraft positions?
15:29 Is an undergrad degree beneficial if I want to become a commercial pilot?
17:55 How did you develop your rudder control and feel of the aircraft when you were a student pilot?
21:51 How many hours per week should a student pilot average to stay proficient?
22:41 I’m looking into buying and renting out a small plane. Any advice?
24:54 Do online ground schools actually teach you enough for the written and so on?
26:24 Do you prefer a Piper or Cessna for PPL training?
27:38 I have .4 hours remaining of hood training prior to my checkride. When do you think schools will open again?
29:38 What do you recommend to obtain an American PPL if I already have a Venezuelan PPL?
30:40 What is induced drag?
31:54 What is the most effective way to get your ratings in the shortest amount of time?
35:03 What drove you to enter into the flight school business and what tips do you have to anyone wishing to do the same?
36:53 Do you recommend getting an MEI?
37:41 How long have you been flying?
37:58 Keeping in mind the current situation of the aviation industry, will it be a good time to start flight training towards the end of 2020?
38:45 What helped you retain all the information there is when obtaining a private license?
41:25 Is it possible to have flaps out of sync on a Cessna 172?
41:35 What are your thoughts on taking on a $30-40k loan during these times for a Part 61 program?
42:25 What’s next for Angle of Attack?
44:39 Any tips to master the trim?
48:03 Why did you move up to Alaska?

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