BUUUSY Class Bravo Airspace at SFO -- AOPA FIRC | The Finer Points | Jason Miller

For this Alaskan boy, the big city sure is… BIG! I’ve only been down town San Francisco once, and never done a tour of SFO from an airplane. Transitioning through the Class Bravo airspace was busy, but it was made easy with the pro knowledge from Jason Miller of The Finer Points.

Having fun and flying around SFO wasn’t the main purpose for our flight. In fact, it was just a perk. Jason and I were headed to a FIRC, Flight Instructor Refresher Course, which would be held over the weekend in Sacramento.

Jason would be teaching the course. It ended up being an awesome weekend, focused on improving myself as an instructor, and recommitting myself to professionalism.

We’d meet up at San Carlos, where Jason is a CFI. Of course, he travels around elsewhere, but his main school he’s connected to is the San Carlos Flight Center.

Our aircraft for the day is a Cessna 182, an older model. It was a great machine. We’d blast out of San Carlos and head up to Sacramento, but we’d first do a tour of the city. It’s always nice having someone familiar with the area that can guide me, and so I can enjoy the sights.

Find more training resources including Online Ground School and Checkride Prep on https://ift.tt/2WS1tfg

It was a real pleasure flying with Jason. If you haven’t heard of him, go check out his channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPCyMEHOWm2DrxUKEA_zOQQ

And his website here: https://ift.tt/3fN3AJX

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