Aviation THANKSGIVING [+] 7 Flying & Pilot Life Things

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Chris- I’ve been flying since 1978. Have a com heilo,, muilti eng, of course instr.ament and instructor and staring on the CFII. So thankful to the Lord for allowing me to fly and a wife who does too🤗 I took my son for a heilo flight when just a baby. He enjoys flying, but no time now with a four yr and yr old. I’ve flown many different airplanes and thankful for each flight snd experience. I enjoyed your trip to Catalina Is Ive flown there only three times what a thrill. Im thankful for guys like you who continue to promote flying and share it with the world. We barley had internet when I was getting my instrument in 88 and only beepers which were barley affordable. So Im thankful for the new and advancing technology that makes sharing aviation even more exciting. Loved your flight with co-pilot Apollo, so cute and smart. My grandson is an all action loves planes, trucks and cars boy. BLESSINGS as you journey on. Safe flights always.

Dan McGinty

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