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It’s true that VMC (visual meteorological conditions) into IMC (instrument meteorological conditions) is one of the leading causes of fatal accidents. This statistic hasn’t budged much over the years, and still remains a major safety concern. Disorientation is real and it’s serious. Flying into IMC when you’re supposed to be a VFR pilot is no joke. Even for instrument and commercial pilots, they can still get disoriented and confused regardless of all the additional training.

So how do we avoid such accidents? It starts with never getting close to those conditions in the first place. When your destination is just a few minutes away by plane, but you have a wall of weather in front of you, the mission oriented pilot within you will want to press on and ‘take a look’.

Be extra careful, stay away from deteriorating conditions, come up with a different plan, and do the 180º turn if you find yourself in those situations so you can get on the ground safely.

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Chris Palmer

Chief Flight Instructor and President of Angle of Attack. Founded in 2006.


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