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Questions on this episode:
2:06 Advice for commercial maneuver mastery?
4:34 Are you allowed to fly an instrument approach at a controlled field with a non IFR rated safety pilot on a VFR day?
5:21 Tips on establishing personal minimums? What are yours?
6:53 Planning on coming to Cape Fear Aviation in the summer to fly with Dave?
7:06 Advice for the private pilot oral and practical?
9:28 Has there ever been a time when you demonstrated poor ADM? What happened? How did you learn from it?
13:18 University that offers an aviation pathway or a flight school?
14:35 Finally did my solo flight, I’m about $7k in my lessons, maybe 30 hours and have done one cross country, how do I keep my costs down?
17:43 Becoming an aviation professional not just a PPL in commercial training?
20:09 How long did it take to get your PPL?
21:33 I’m going for my IR, what can I do at home, car, road to practice?
24:36 As a CFI, how would you advise a student to tell their instructor about mistakes made soloing?
26:51 Even as a licensed pilot I’m still not great at crosswind landings. What’s the best way to improve?
29:51 Advice for chair flying? Do you use chair flying?
30:38 Thoughts on training in a Cirrus SR20 for PPL?
31:36 What is your opinion of using cameras in the cockpit for flight review for PPL?
33:02 How do you feel about ATP as a school as far as building hours? Do you think it’s best to piece it out CFI etc etc or going to the full thing?
36:05 What is the average time to get your IR?
39:10 What do you think is the best airplane to train in?
39:31 Advice for a young adult wanting to get into aviation?
42:07 Is it common to have to re-learn landings in a way when transitioning planes?
43:09 Do you recommend doing spin training while doing your private pilot training?
44:27 How do I improve my rudder skills?
45:30 How to perfect my landings? I keep floating a little. I might solo this week!
46:41 If you were a fresh CFI, what state would you move to for the best student/CFI ratio?
47:35 Any advice for a 17 year wanting to get into aviation?
49:07 Currently at 11 years active duty Army, do you think I’ll have a hope of a career in 9 years?

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Chris Palmer

Chief Flight Instructor and President of Angle of Attack. Founded in 2006.


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