Your Content Ideas, Your Aviation Path — AviatorCast 144

The world seems to have changed over night! Many unknowns are ahead, but it's time to start to plan some positive outcomes. What content can Angle of Attack create for you? Fill out the survey!

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Times are a changing. We’re all looking for ways to keep our head in the aviation game with various flight training activities we can do at home.

Here at Angle of Attack, I’m ready for a pivot as well, eager to produce content that is tailored for all of you.

In this podcast, I’ll give you a few of the ideas I have, but I also have a HUGE favor to ask: fill out the survey!

The content survey will help me know exactly what you all want to see. Then, I can start making plans for the rest of the Spring and into Summer.

You can fill out the survey out the survey at https://ift.tt/33Yhvaz


Chris Palmer

Chief Flight Instructor and President of Angle of Attack. Founded in 2006.


Class D Airspace MADE EASY

Are you nervous about flying into Class D Airspace, and communicating with ATC? Our CFI, Chris Palmer, will teach you how to fly into Class D Airspace, communicate with ATC, and do so safely and correctly. Flight Training can be a little nerve-racking because there’s so much to learn. One thing student pilots are particularly …

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How to Get & Fly VFR Flight Following

Have you ever flown with VFR Flight Following? Do you even know what Flight Following is? What if I told you it was a free service from ATC where they give you traffic alerts, and severe weather alerts, while also being a great time to practice ATC communications? Yes, it’s all true. VFR Flight Following …

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What Are The Privileges And Limitations Of A Flight Instructor?

If you asked a skilled pilot about how they reached this point and their motivation source in their journey, the answer is often the guidance of a flight instructor.  A flight instructor is a person who’s responsible for producing future-ready efficient pilots. Being one of the critical careers, there are certain privileges and limitations of …

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Flight Training with Student Pilot w/ Stick & Rudder Basics

We’re back for another flight lesson with Sienna. She’s a student pilot working on her private pilot certificate. She’s excited for flight training, and we’ve been flying regularly. Technically, she can’t even solo yet, but she is excited about pursuing a career in aviation. On this flight lesson, we’ve already broken the ice with a …

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