Aircraft Stability in 4K -- Private Pilot Flying Maneuvers

Have you ever wondered what makes an airplane stall? 99 times out of 100, it’s the pilot that FORCES the aircraft to stall, and not the aircraft itself. These stalls happen for a variety of reasons, but it almost always comes down to pilot error.

In this video I demonstrate aircraft stability, showing that even if I roll the trim all the way back, the aircraft will return to an equilibrium and not stall. This isn’t present in all aircraft, but it certainly is with the Cessna 172.

Knowing this, a pilot can be armed with confidence in an airplane. Especially with stalls, it’s good to know the airplane is on your side, or at least that you are inevitably controlling your destiny.

Jump in the conversation and let us know what you learned, or if you had another thoughts and tips for the community.

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