Flying to a remote Alaska village -- Angle of Attack Show EP 3

It’s August and my favorite part of Summer. Everything has bloomed fully, the flowers and Fireweed are out, and it’s nice and warm most the time. The flying weather is also generally great, and the light is still staying up pretty late.

Earlier in the year my friends Keaton and Morgan (newlyweds) were helpful in getting my brother, nephews and I tickets on the Alaskan Railroad. They work in the dining car, and were just super cool about it all. So I wanted to return the favor by doing something awesome with them.

Port Alsworth would be our mission for the day. It’s quite a challenge to get there, as we can’t just head out straight over water. We have to do the long way around, then through Lake Clark Pass. The Pass itself is challenging with towering mountains, and unpredictable weather. However, the views didn’t disappoint.

Along the way I’d have to use ForeFlight and VFR reporting points to tell others where I was at. The canyon can get pretty busy with traffic going back and forth between Anchorage and Port Alsworth.

Spoiler alert!!!: Our journey was a blast and went by without incident. We didn’t get the burgers we sought, but we did march up to the Tanalian Falls and were blown away by the view. Just nothing like it.

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