AviatorCast Episode 100: Celebrating 100 Episodes with CFI

It's finally here! Episode 100, and a new era for the podcast. New music, new direction. Hear all about what it's like to go through CFI training.

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Today’s Flight Plan

The journey to this episode has been a long time coming, but the time has quite literally flown by. Through the few short years AviatorCast has been around we’ve had this continued focus on growth.

Taking to heart that growth in aviation that I talk so much about, I have done much myself to further my career in aviation. As a result, this year I’ve set all excuses aside and have gone hard and fast at my ultimate aviation dream; becoming a flight instructor.

And so, it’s with great excitement that I can announce that I’ve done it: I’m now a Certified Flight Instructor.

Today’s episode will be all about that journey, and then next episode I have some pretty big announcements for you guys in terms of ‘what’s next’.

Sun-‘n-Fun Fly-in

Tailwheel in Texas

Oshkosh CFI Training

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Cape Fear Aviation Training
Sun n Fun Flyin’
Promark Aviation Services



Major thanks to the amazing Angle of Attack Crew for all their hard work over the years. Our team works incredibly hard, and they’re very passionate about what they do.

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Chris Palmer

Chief Flight Instructor and President of Angle of Attack. Founded in 2006.


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