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When you think of service for your country, with a backdrop of incredible flying, you think of a fighter pilot like John “Rain” Waters. Join signed up for the Air Force, wanting to give back to his country in a big way after the events of 9/11.

We go through his journey of ROTC both in High School and in College as he worked hard in academics, athletics and more to qualify for a flying track in the Air Force.

From there, it only continued to get more difficult. He started in the T6 Texan II, went up to the T38, and some time instructing in the T6 Texan II. He then had a deployment in the MC-12, which on the civilian side is a Beachcraft KingAir 350. There he learned the F-16 Fighting Falcon (aka F16 Viper) was his airplane of choice.

He got a slot flying the F-16 Fighting Falcon (aka F16 Viper) and continued his training on that platform, including mission training, and eventually ending up deployed in Afghanistan.

There he was flying and fighting in one of the busiest and active wings, dropping more ordinance than any other F16 unit.

After deployment he continued his active duty in a very public way as the USAF F16 Demo pilot, touring various airshows around the nation and world.

Now John is flying the Boeing 777 for a cargo carrier, and is based in Atlanta, Georgia.

John conveys humility and honor in the way he conducts himself and his service. Today we are honored to get to hear from him and learn how we can take advice for all sorts of flight training, not just the military.


Chris Palmer

Chief Flight Instructor and President of Angle of Attack. Founded in 2006.


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