21 Flight Training, Flying & Aviation Career Questions -- Motivation Monday #9

Questions on this episode:
1:36 Important tips for a flight instructor check ride
2:47 How do you incorporate the student into a lesson plan/teaching guide?
4:50 Struggling to learn the E6B and make flight plans. Any advice?
8:29 Hi Chris, what’s your process to determine a VFR flight is a go or no go?
12:27 What plan do you recommend for a rusty IFR commercial pilot to get back into the cockpit without breaking the bank?
15:42 I’m considering switching instructors. Will this cause much of a setback in my training?
18:03 I’m due to solo soon… any advice?
19:44 Any tips on feeling nauseous under the hood? First time and felt a little nauseous. Does this get better with time?
23:05 Thoughts on chair flying?
24:49 Best way to study before you start PPL?
28:42 Favorite flights in Alaska?
30:37 Please advise on how to keep track of how part 61 schools are billing for hours and minutes, etc.
31:51 Tips on how far to let a student take a mistake? Is it kinda a feel thing?
33:36 How big of a demand is there for A&Ps right now?
34:57 What rating can I get from your school?
35:26 What materials would you advise a CPL student to use while studying for their CPL exams?
36:14 Is it possible to work towards a commercial pilot’s license while working full time?
36:53 Best way to prepare for private pilot oral?
38:28 How do you stay motivated when you didn’t pass an exam the first time?
42:13 Any golden rule to master good landings on different terrain and aircraft types?
45:03 Is it ever too late to become a pilot?

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