Primer, primed and locked… mixture full rich… throttle cracked… mags on… deep breath


It’s the perfect way to start off a flight with a glorious, terrifying, puberty-induced scream. Every onlooker will know you’re about to be cleared hot, firing up all cylinders. Let no-one question your prop swinging intentions.

Made popular by Chris, owner and founder of Angle of Attack, the “CLeeEaaAaRr” scream has brought on new life to the age old tradition of warning others around the airplane that the prop is about to start turning, and to clear the area.

What better way to have some fun yet rip off a good laugh with a well intentioned scream?

This shirt is for all you Warrior Aviators out there, battling the local municpal ramp, flight school flight-line, flying club parking spot, or busy FBO tarmac.

Printed in the USA on a comfy Bella+Canvas tri-blend t-shirt, shipped from Alaska, and complete with N2423U, your ultimate AvGeek is sure to show through.

Get yours at https://ift.tt/2qRiGtt

#aviation #flying #funny

via https://youtu.be/uf6NMg-aAP8

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