Collision Avoidance -- AviatorCast 116


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Collision Avoidance. It’s another one of those FAA terms that someone flying a desk came up with. But hey, it’s fairly accurate. And it’s certainly important to avoid colliding with things, especially when you’re in an airplane.

In this episode of AviatorCast, we’re going to go over situations both on the ground, and in the air, on how to keep your head on a swivel. This comprehensive look and refresher on collision avoidance will help you think a bit more, and hopefully fly/taxi a bit more defensively.

In fact, there are some situations and remedies in this AviatorCast that you probably haven’t heard of before. So, jump on in!



Major thanks to the amazing Angle of Attack Crew for all their hard work over the years. Our team works incredibly hard, and they’re very passionate about what they do.

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