AviatorCast Episode 114: Flight Following

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Flight Following

Have you heard of flight following? Have you known about it, but don’t use it? Flight Following is a way to be under the watchful eye of air traffic control for traffic and other advisors. With that come a lot of other benefits.

For example, say you are having difficulty or have a few of talking to air traffic control but want to move up to your instrument rating. Flight Following gives you the opportunity to listen to air traffic control while you’re flying, take some lite instructions, and become more comfortable talking to humans on the other side of the line.

Also, flight following carries with it a lot of safety benefits. Say you’re plugging along and come up against an emergency of some kind. If you’re already on frequency with ATC on Flight Following, then you’ll immediately have someone to talk to, they’ll know where you are and who you are. That’s a large benefit!

Those are just a few things we will cover in this podcast on Flight Following. Don’t forget to also see our Youtube Channel, Angle of Attack, for videos of the podcast.

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Major thanks to the amazing Angle of Attack Crew for all their hard work over the years. Our team works incredibly hard, and they’re very passionate about what they do.

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Episode 114 feedback: Great podcast as usual. I’ve listened to most of your previous ones. Glad your back doing these regularly. One thing that would be helpful in explaining flight following is how to determine what is “the controlling agency.” Is it departure, approach, how do you look that up? That’s still fuzzy to me.
I just did my solo today in a Cessna 150. Long time in coming. I’ll be starting the cross-country phase, but I’ve been doing some cross-countries using MS FSX that includes a pedal and yoke from CH products. Using a flight sim for practical flight training is what originally drew me to your stuff. I also use your Aviator90 videos.
Thanks for what you do.

Forgot to mention. You may want to look at the Opposing Bases podcast. This is put on by some air traffic controllers who are also pilots. It helps get into their heads and build up a picture of the IFR system. E.g. they recently did an episode on what they see on their scope and what layers they can turn on and off. Some of the podcasts can get heavy into commercial aviation, so you may want to be selective about which ones you listen to or point your students at. Cheers

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