Flight Instructor Refresher Course with AOPA & Jason Miller — AviatorCast 138

Every 2 years, flight instructors have to go through recurrent training to remain legal. This course is called a Flight Instructor Refresher Course or FIRC (FURR-K). It’s an opportunity to stay up to snuff on a lot of things that are foundational, in addition to learning something new.

In this podcast we will discuss:

  • Going to San Francisco and flying with Jason Miller to Sacramento
  • What is a FIRC and why does it matter
  • An outline of some of the highlights and things that stood out

I hope you enjoy getting a bit of a glimpse into the professional world of being a flight instructor and keeping the CFI active. It’s a pleasure to continue to build my set of tools and offer quality training to customers and clients.

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I enjoy your podcast but out of all the aviation cast I listen to I get most annoyed with yours. Your yawning, coughing, sniffing is very obvious and annoying. Maybe you should try to edit some of that out. I’m not trying to be an ass, just some straight forward Criticism to help you improve your casting.

I second that constructive criticism that Joe gave. I had a very good first impression of you. Chris, you have a lot to offer. Keep up the good work.

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