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What an odd world we’re living in now. My family and I are now out of quarantine, and I wanted to celebrate by flying solo. But, you should come along — at least virtually. I’ll take you on a tour of Homer, Alaska and narrate as I would if you were sitting next to me.

My family and I were in California and other states down south for several months, when you know what hit the proverbial fan. It took us a bit of deliberating and discussion, but we determined it’d be better for us to wait out the pandemic in Alaska.

Alaska State literally put a health mandate into effect while our flight was enroute. We would be required to be in quarantine in our home for 14 days. No contact with the outside world. It was a hard thing to do, but we made it through. I stuck to the rules and didn’t even visit the airplane, or go to the airport. Being extra careful is important.

Now that we’re home, and out of quarantine, things are a bit more relaxed in the sense that we can actually go places (all while still being careful).

Honestly, getting back in the airplane and going flying was really good for me. I haven’t been in Alaska for a while, and certainly not in the flight school airplane. It’s maybe odd not being able to do a flight lesson, and exercise my CFI muscles, but such is life right now.

Many of my flying plans in California got canceled because everything was going down. And I was a bit ahead of the curve and turned down flights even when there wasn’t a shut down. I just didn’t know how bad things actually were.

But here I am, back in Alaska. I just did the preflight on the airplane, got some fuel, and headed out to the runway for takeoff. Pushing the throttles forward and accelerating down the runway, I lifted off and headed up and away into the sky. Gotta love those things! And that’s when I just felt really happy that I’d gone flying.

Follow along as I take you for this unique aviation and flying tour around Homer, Alaska seeing the mountains, glaciers, and sharing some information about flying here. As you know, aviation is really important to Alaska life. It’s going to be a tough year, but I hope to share many of the memories with you all.


Chris Palmer

Chief Flight Instructor and President of Angle of Attack. Founded in 2006.


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