Part 141 vs Part 61 Flight Schools — AviatorCast 124

Are you looking into different flight schools? Have you heard the term “Part 61” or “Part 141”? In this podcast we’ll not only define Part 61 and 141, but we will also tell you the differences between the two, and what kind of experience you can expect for either one.

This is often one of the biggest challenges of potential pilots is picking a flight school. It’s not always easy because there’s a lot of false marketing going back and forth, and a ton of opinions.

Through this podcast I try and stay neutral on my position. Picking a flight school is a big decision after all. I wouldn’t want to steer anyone away from what would work best for them.

This is basically a long list of Pros and Cons on one type of flight school vs the other.

In this podcast we will discuss:
– Part 61 Pros
– Part 141 Pros
– Part 61 Cons
– Part 141 Cons
– My take on what is best

There’s a lot to cover here about flight training, the flight school you could go to, and so on.

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