It’s NOT Worth It — AviatorCast 159

They say “build your time” and “pay your dues”. But in aviation, is it worth giving EVERYTHING up for that ultimate dream? Or are there limits to the insanity we should put ourselves through?

In this podcast we will discuss:

  • The typical path followed in an aviation career
  • The Good part of growing in a career
  • The bad or dark side of building time, hours, and experience
  • Is everything really everything, and nothing else matters?
  • What a successful and meaningful aviation career SHOULD look like

This is wisdom that I feel a lot of aviators should know before getting into a difficult job or an untenable situation.

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Sure it’s a long journey. But not that long compared to other professions that don’t pay nearly as well nor have such great benefits so early on.

“It takes forever to get a pilot’s license, but it only takes a couple of minutes to steal a pilot’s jacket and hat.” – Norm MacDonald

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