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Questions on this episode:
1:40 Can you explain the ceiling for class G? Books say 14,500 sections 1,200 unless marked?
3:48 As a student, how do you ensure no stall spin on base to final?
7:23 Slow flight – should we hear the stall horn or not? ACS says no but shouldn’t we be used to the controls at that AOA?
10:29 What’s the best thing a student pilot can be doing in these uncertain times?
12:26 What is difference between POH, AFM, and PIM?
14:19 I’m working on my private and doing cross countries. Any suggestions on getting through diversions?
17:50 What are all the regs you have to know to be a CFI? Just by #
19:45 Something students unknowingly do and annoys CFIs?
21:52 What’s the best way for students to remain proficient for a PPL check ride after not flying because of this virus?
24:14 What’s really important to an FAA Examiner during a PPL checkride?
26:34 Is a flight simulator ok to use for IFR practice?
27:39 Are you still allowed to fly during COVID-19?
29:13 Is air law the same in the US as it is in the UK for a VFR pilot? Are there any key differences?
30:01 After the current situation is over do you think it’s a good move to invest money in an aviation career?
31:36 How can I alleviate the costs of flight training?
32:00 Can you explain the difference in answering a question on the oral exam at the private pilot level vs on the commercial level?
33:22 If you could fly in a different decade, what decade would you choose?
34:32 Is it true that there’s a shortage of flight instructors?
35:28 Best way to start studying for CFI?
37:17 After completing your commercial what is left to get your CFI and how many hours to expect?
38:58 What are your favorite aviation related books?
41:08 What kind of content do you recommend for instrument knowledge/practical prep?
41:56 Are there any bad habits to avoid when practicing IFR in a simulator?
43:21 Top 3 tips on mountain flying?
45:23 I’m a high schooler looking to become a pilot. How should I juggle flying and school?
46:08 Is learning/starting training in glass cockpits a good idea? Or should there be a bit of gauges as well?
47:17 I’m doing your IFR ground school and got to shoot some approaches for the first time today! Just wanted to say it was awesome and thank you.
47:31 When becoming a CFI, how much of a challenge is it to teach a student to fly the airplane, communicate with ATC in those tough situations?
48:31 Can’t find the right place to put my feet on the rudder. Especially for short field.

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