Jake Tishman: New Airline Pilot | Aviation Medical | Perseverance — AviatorCast 148

Find yourself with clipped wings? Jake knows what that's like. And, he knows what it's like to push your way through and achieve your goals. This new airline pilot inspires us with his story of PHD; Passion, Hard-work and Determination.

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The truth is, some people just go through more than others in life. Jake saw this first hand as he worked hard to achieve his aviation dream of being an airline pilot. With many medical challenges in the way, Jake found himself having to work really hard and fast in the good times, because he knew he couldn’t take a moment for granted.

Now a newly minted airline pilot, Jake is completely enjoying his pilot life. He’s worked hard to get where he is, and doesn’t take even the simple stuff for granted. Because the alternative is just not optional.

In this podcast we will discuss:

  • Overcoming medical challenges through the FAA medical
  • Going for your dream and goal while things are good
  • Working as hard as you can to achieve that goal at ATP Flight School
  • Even while working ‘hard and fast’, enjoying the journey

Jake does a great job articulating what it takes to succeed in aviation at all levels.

Don’t miss this episode of the AviatorCast podcast.


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