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Questions on this episode:
0:59 Is it a bad idea to start my training now given the state of the economy and airline industry?
3:22 Teach the impossible turn?
5:07 Are you having a good day?
6:09 Is king schools course worth the money for IFR training?
7:30 Best online ground school? Just finished the free part of Sporty’s, should I pay and finish it?
8:09 Training on a Cirrus vs 172?
8:47 Major differences and how to choose a flight school. Not looking into commercial.
9:40 Having trouble with landings, and getting a stabilized approach. Any tips?
13:32 Any tips for retaining ground school information?
14:42 How do you feel about CFIs and flight schools continuing to train during this time of social distancing?
16:17 Best way to build hours for commercial?
17:39 What is the easiest way to reach PPL?
19:11 My Aeronca Champ doesn’t have a stall horn. What’s the best way to mitigate a stall?
21:48 Headset recommendations for private pilot?
23:43 Mid IFR Training. Other than banging out the written, what else can I work on?
25:13 How long do you think it would take to get used to electronic instrumentation?
26:32 What is the best way to ensure my time spent with my instructor is well prepared and used well?
28:18 Do you think there will be a restriction on GA due to the current situation?
29:04 Is it worth it to pay a little more for a nicer flight school (CFI’s with more hours/better maintenance on planes)?
30:19 What could happen if regular small sized flight schools closed?
31:40 Commercial done. How did you go about getting your CFI? Do you have any tips looking back on how to approach it that would help me?
35:21 What are the biggest reasons people fail their private pilot checkride?
38:34 Non-polarized or polarized sunglasses in a steam gauge C172SP?
40:45 Starting accelerated PPL program on Thursday. Advice for me going into day one?
41:15 What effect do you think coronavirus will have on aviation in the long run?

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Chris Palmer

Chief Flight Instructor and President of Angle of Attack. Founded in 2006.


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