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Questions on this episode:
1:32 Is it a good idea to take flight lessons during the outbreak?
3:18 How does your ground school differ from King’s and Sporty’s?
4:35 New trip with Josh soon?
5:22 What exactly should one do when you find water in your fuel tester? I’ve seen people just keep syphoning until the water is gone.
6:52 Do you have any tips and tricks for unpublished holds?
7:28 What’s your guess for AirVenture 2020?
8:35 Do you think rates (CFI/rental) will go down?
9:24 Am I too old to start a track to CFI at 50?
10:06 How do I know if it’s a fouled spark plug or a bad magneto on the run-up?
11:12 What’s a good rule of thumb for density altitude? And do you calculate it before every flight?
13:25 Got my PPL last month in part 61 school. Need some help deciding whether I should go for 141 or stay?
14:51 Do you think it’s a good idea to rent a plane right now? I’m worried about renting a plane that is contaminated.
16:25 Thoughts on commercial pilot jobs being effected by corona?
18:21 How difficult is it to learn to fly?
20:31 What’s your favorite aircraft to fly?
20:55 Headsets…What’s your recommendation for a new student pilot?
22:45 Are you offering a bush flying or Alaska course?
24:00 Any tips for conquering apprehension of turbulence?
24:56 Where can I find a good test question bank and/or study material for the PPL knowledge?
25:29 Thoughts on doing CFI/CFII around the same time?
26:04 Best resources or ways to learn systems if not mechanically inclined?
28:20 Tips and tricks for crosswind landings?
30:30 On my home flight sim, what should I practice the most?
31:06 I’m starting training in May and the school I’m with has an option to start out with analog or go straight to the Garmin G1000 which one do you think would be best?
34:18 Is there anyway we can order Angle of Attack shirts?
34:50 What can you recommend for IFR course beginner?
35:41 What are some student pilot must haves? And some apps besides foreflight?
37:50 Can you talk about risk management and flying low?
39:43 Tips on flying over the Grand Canyon for the first time?
40:12 What age do you recommend to start flight training?
41:03 Say I’m flying a NPA approach and need to fly a FPA of 3.0. What’s the best way to do this?
42:35 23U plans?
43:06 What’s the difference between CFI and CFII?
43:29 Would like to come to USA to complete me commercial license. Suggestions? Better to stay in Europe for EASA rules?

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Chris Palmer

Chief Flight Instructor and President of Angle of Attack. Founded in 2006.


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