AviatorCast Episode 111: 11 Steps to Instrument Mastery

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Today’s Flight Plan

After having just received my CFII, I find myself aware of a lot of things that make a good instrument pilot. They are things that I want to see in myself and things I expect of my future students, at least eventually.

That’s why I decided to do a podcast on the 11 Steps to Instrument Mastery. Of course, these aren’t the only steps that need to be taken, but they’re an awfully good start.

Truth be told, I wouldn’t be where I am today without the knowledge, help and mentorship of aviators that have gone before me, and are still a great part of the industry. I only hope that I can do a justice to their hard work and legacy in the future instrument students that I get to teach.

  1. Master the Scan
  2. Proficiency vs Recency
  3. Play nice with ATC (and NAS)
  4. Use a flight simulator
  5. Fly in actual conditions
  6. Practice variety of procedures/approaches
  7. Learn to use ForeFlight well
  8. Aim small, miss small (thanks Jason Miller)
  9. Configuration Charts
  10. Hands off Flying
  11. Continual Learning

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Major thanks to the amazing Angle of Attack Crew for all their hard work over the years. Our team works incredibly hard, and they’re very passionate about what they do.

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