Lines, Signs, & Runway Incursions | 1 Minute Wings

What’s are all these signs and markings at the airport all about? Well, it turns out they serve one common purpose. That is to prevent Runway Incursions.

A runway incursion is when an aircraft presents a hazardous situation by entering a runway, approach path, or anywhere in the protected zone around the runway without permission, or by accident.

In other words, it’s like cutting someone off while driving, except now you’re on a runway and the planes can’t maneuver as well.

This is why airports have standardized taxiway and runway signage and markings no matter where you fly. These runway markings, taxiway markings, and runway signs and taxi signs keep everyone on the same page, allow you to remain situationally aware, and PREVENT runway incursions.

Keep your head on a swivel, fly defensively, communicate well, keep situationally aware, and you’ll already be on your way to becoming or staying a safe pilot.


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