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How To Do an Engine Runup and Checklist

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The engine runup ensures that all aircraft systems are running normally before the aircraft is taken into the air. Of course, much care is given to doing a thorough and methodical preflight of the exterior of the aircraft. Yet, even with all that preparation, the aircraft still hasn’t had the chance to show its true colors. The aircraft will show itself by running the engine to a high RPM and checking that all systems are normal.

In this video, you’re going to see a complete runup with the use of an approved checklist for the aircraft. Checklists are used to make sure pilots don’t miss any items. It is easy to miss something when they are running through routine checkups of the aircraft systems, or configurations for different phases of flight.

In this case, there’s information about how to check the flight controls, magneto testing, suction for instruments, ammeter testing, oil temperature, and pressure, carb heat, and an idle check. These items are further explained and laid out when you go through pilot training.

Once all the systems are set up correctly, and the aircraft is verified to be healthy, then and only then should the pilot proceed to the flight portion.

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