Cory Schow: Corporate Pilot & Creator — AviatorCast 149


There are many different corners of aviation. Many look at the airlines as the pinnacle of a career. Yet, there is a whole network for private jets, turboprops and even smaller aircraft that are used to support many executives and businesses.

Today we speak with Cory Schow about his career as a corporate pilot. We go through the hardships of building time, experience, and eventually landing a dream job.

Cory also creates a lot of great content on YouTube and Instagram to give you an insight into life as a corporate pilot. He has many great videos showing the type of flying he does, which is much different than that of airline life.

In this podcast we will discuss:

  • Pursuing the dream of flying at Utah State University
  • Working through a difficult first job flying Part 91
  • Moving to and working through a short stint in Ohio
  • Landing the dream job in Logan, Utah

Cory has some great insight into his journey. If you’re looking to become a corporate pilot or curious what that side of the aviation industry is like, check out this podcast.

Cory’s Instagram

Cory’s YouTube

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