Private Pilot Ground School Testimonials

Chris knows his stuff and makes the course feel like a real classroom. The opportunity for interaction with the instructor and other class participants is extremely motivating! I was excited and looking forward to every session.

Steve Spencer

Chris Palmer’s online Aviator Training classes exceeded my expectations for an online Ground School. This course was a great investment in my flight training.

Greg Pendley

Chris does an awesome job of including a lot of practical information and experience into his curriculum. The understanding I have of the important information is leaps and bounds ahead of where I was years ago.

Jonathan Chitwood

This training is everything I hoped it would be. It was entertaining, informative, and well planned. Chris did an amazing job delivering the information and keeping the class engaged. I would recommend to anyone looking to get their PPL.

Todd Huebler

Completely professional and thorough in coverage of all course content. Chris is a passionate aviator and makes this course super easy to follow, with real-life experiences as well as lessons learned it will guide you on your first steps in this amazing world of Aviation. Absolutely recommended.

Manuel Garcia Urreta

This was my second time around in taking Chris’s Ground School. I enjoyed the new format, which made the class move along better. Now, I can go to the different books and study that material with a better understanding of what needs to be learned to become an aviator.

Charles Gardner

This course is a great tool to build a solid foundation of aviation knowledge! It is taught in an clear and organized manner, but without excessive formality. The perfect resource to get your aviation journey off to a grand start!

David Filbrun

First off, I had just caught up on the Aviator Cast podcast when this ground school began. So it was a trip to be able to be in class with the guy I’d been listening to every time I was driving. I emailed Chris a question about starting flight training and he was very prompt and helpful, and told me I should look into this ground school. So I did. Being able to interact with someone that I strangely already felt comfortable with (thanks Aviator Cast, one way relationship, I know) was huge in that I had full confidence in the process. Learning from actual experiences and stories made the information easier to latch onto and more tangible. The online meetings are the meat and potatoes of the course, but Chris makes himself available if anyone has any questions or thoughts outside the meeting times. I am even more excited going forward from here than I was coming in to the class, and I was already super excited about it! This was my first step toward learning to fly, and I am proud to say it began with Chris Palmer. He has an innate charismatic ability to exude passion and excitement for aviation, and to me, those qualities make the absolute best teachers.

Caleb Davis

What can I tell you about this training? when you first look into it, it seems like a gamble to give someone, who you may not know that well, money to teach you about things you don’t really know much about. Well let me tell you, this training has been one of the most valuable tools in my aviation career. If you don’t know Chris Palmer then give him a call, talk with him and you will soon see his passion for teaching and for aviation. He prepares you for you test, but he also gives you real life experience and scenarios from an experienced Alaskan pilot. He helps explain and expand on things that just don’t quite make sense when you read them out of a book. I couldn’t tell you enough about how valuable it is to have this training in my back pocket. So take the jump, join the training, and be ready for your world to be rocked with outstanding training and rock solid knowledge.

Matt Miller

This course is worth every cent, Chris is a very passionate instructor and will get you to your next level. This course is so much better than a online course (non live course) you can ask questions, have discussions with other students. I recommend anybody that is very serious on getting there Private Pilots License to take this course.

Norman Reiff