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Join Sienna, a student pilot, as she embarks on her journey to learn how to land an airplane at the Angle of Attack flight school in Alaska with instructor Chris Palmer. In this vlog-style video, viewers will get an inside look at the exhilarating and challenging experience of flight training, including flight instruction, stick and rudder skills, and student pilot training.

Sienna shares her thoughts and feelings as she progresses through each step of the pilot training process, from the classroom sessions to the hands-on flying lessons in the Cessna 172. Through her eyes, we witness the awe-inspiring beauty of Alaska’s wilderness from the perspective of a student pilot learning to fly in Alaska, a popular destination for aviation enthusiasts seeking Alaska flight training.

With the guidance of experienced flight instructor Chris Palmer, Sienna tackles the challenges of learning to fly in various weather conditions and terrain, an essential aspect of general aviation. Viewers will learn about the techniques and procedures involved in making a safe and successful landing, including managing speed and altitude, an important part of pilot training.

Through Sienna’s journey, we gain insight into the dedication and hard work required to become a pilot, including the importance of flight training videos, pilot training schools, and online ground school resources. This video is a must-watch for anyone interested in aviation, as well as those looking for inspiration to pursue their dreams and passions to learn how to fly and become a pilot. Join Sienna and Chris on this thrilling and rewarding adventure of learning to land an airplane in Alaska with flight instruction from an experienced flight instructor.


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Karey Ciel

Karey grew up and obtained her in private pilot’s license in Central Iowa. She fell in love with tailwheel aircraft during her primary training and obtained a tailwheel endorsement the week following her private pilot checkride. She is eager to obtain her seaplane rating and is merging her passion for flying with her prior work career. Karey has a background in marketing, editing, and web design after graduating from Simpson College. When she is not flying or working, Karey enjoys anything related to technology and admits she can be a bit of a nerd. She also has discovered a love for virtually all outdoor pursuits, with a special fondness for climbing, shooting, and hiking.


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